Get Fast Radiator Repair, Service, or Replacement

Two “medics” carrying a radiator for repair.

When you have a radiator leak or your radiator is overheating, you need service fast to get you back on the road. Lalanne’s strives to get your radiator repair, service, or replacement work completed as quickly as possible, usually on the same day. We even stay open on Saturdays to help make that happen.

Autos, Trucks, Commercial Vehicles

Whether your vehicle is for personal or commercial use, you can get complete radiator repair, service, or replacement at Lalanne’s.

Our services include …

  • Free Cooling System Diagnostic
  • Flush Cooling System — Engine block, radiator, and heater core
  • Repair and Replace Water Pumps, Hoses, Thermostats
  • Free Pick-Up and Delivery
  • Most Jobs Done the Same Day

Expert Advice

You can be assured that you’ll get highly-qualified radiator repair, service, or replacement because Lalanne’s has …

  • 20+ Years Radiator Experience
  • Highly Trained Technicians — Our technicians are both highly trained and experienced. You can trust their advice as to whether your radiator is in need of repair or replacement.

Custom Radiators

You can also trust our highly-qualified technicians to custom-build radiators.

Radiator Recores

We are also qualified to build radiator recores. That is we’ll use the existing tanks and brackets from your old radiator and put them onto a new core.


Lalanne’s strives to make our radiator repair, service, and replacement offerings as affordable as possible with …

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Warranties — A typical warranty includes 90 days on labor, and up to lifetime on radiators and parts.

“Grateful Tourists”

“On a hot summer morning, a couple of tourists from another country were heading to the Sierra. While pulling a travel trailer, they overheated their SUV. They were desperate to get back on the road. They asked some locals where they should go and we were referred. Our shop manager, Alfonso Molina, quickly diagnosed their problem. He ordered a new radiator and expedited delivery. We received the radiator later that afternoon. Alfonso stayed after hours to install it. By 6:00 p.m. the grateful tourists were hitching their travel trailer back onto their SUV and were back on the road. Helping folks out like that is what makes our day.”

Gary Lalanne

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